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Story Games Boston: the little death

Richard: Whoah. Did we just have a story-gasm?

Richard, being glib but entirely honest, at the conclusion of Eric's 5-part epic Primetime Adventures game this past week. On about three separate occasions, the entire story turned on a series of unbelievable cards, and this was the penultimate and most climactic of such turns. The crowd went wild, and Richard was there, ready with a snarky comment.

Eric: Its not actually the warp core. I wish it was, actually, 'cause then I could also be a load-bearing end boss.

Eric being completely awesome at last night's Story Games Boston (he was discussing the Eberron D&D campaign in which he is a player. The PCs have constructed a special vault in their airship to hold the Plot Device, which can be ejected from the ship using a series of carefully-placed explosive charges.)

Story Games Boston: Dev has got my number

(Hey, look, we're back!)

Following Story Games Boston this week, Dev had this insightful thing to say about my choice of sides in a rules debate that was taking place between Eric and Robert:

locke61dv: Yeah, but -- you're cheating! You're just going, 'Gee, a Pinnick is arguing about a game mechanic. They're probably right.'

"A thought has come into my head, so now I have to say it, but I apologize in advance. OK? 'Its Desperate Housewives meets Six Feet Under!'"

Regrettably that's me, last night at Story Games Boston, during a pitch meeting for Primetime Adventures. I was responding to an evolving pitch for, essentially, Clue: the Series (which we did not end up playing.)

Last night's Exalted game didn't go exactly as I was expecting, but it was still pretty fun. That game really seems to be coming together. A couple of random quotes, out of context:

"Child... I cursed you."
Ursula, the mortal witch, exasperated at Karel's character Jessica.

"Yes, fine. Let's ride your magic whirlwind."
Karel's character Jessica, oblivious as ever to sleetfall's character snickering at her unintentional innuendo.

So, for those of you who missed last night, I think Richard coined our official tagline for SGBoston.

"People, people! Pointless arguing about obscure game modules is what the internet is for! We have come here together tonight to play the games!"

SGBoston: Argue about games on the internet. Play them with us.


This past weekend was the winter feast for the LARP that pooka_madness, dystopiac, human_typhoon, and I attend. Almost all of the player "races" at the LARP are humans, and in particular all of us play Gypsies. This is important to note as the following conversation occurred between one of the other players (Gertrude) and I.

Gertrude: Well don't worry, I'm not going to try to gyp you or anything.
Me: Excuse me? You don't think that's a bit insulting?
Gertrude: [Confused] What? I'm saying I'm not going to try to rip you off.
Me: Gyp?
Gertrude: [Still confused] Huh?
Me: You're not going to try to GYP me??
Gertrude: [Yes, still confused]
Me: You realize that's a racial slur right? Short for Gypsy? Like, you know... ME?


Last night was the intense and deeply satisfying conclusion of the Mountain Witch (here are write-ups of part one and two.) I didn't take notes, and I should have, because after game hamsterprophecy urged me to do another synopsis. There was even more going on this session than last, so I'm going to do my best to muddle through. I hope you'll forgive me if my recall is less than perfect. Richard was once again unable to make it to game, so we had only six samurai for the final showdown.

When last we left our heroes they were poised on the threshhold of the Mountain Witch's keep. Click here to read on, because my Mountain Witch synopses get really, really long.Collapse )

This quote is excerpted from this Tuesday's open gaming session (the same one euchaotic already quoted.) We were playing Jiburi, a system based on Ron Edward's Trollbabe, and as in that game players describe the negative outcomes of failed rolls while the GM narrates the positive outcome of successful ones.

(The party has discovered there is some sort of curse on their village which reccurs every 100 years, and has been charged to investigate it. Unfortunately the person who charged them, the village mayor, seems to be keeping vital information from them. human_typhoon's character has snuck into his house to go through the village records and find out what's up. She rolls the dice and comes up with a negative outcome.)

human_typhoon (narrating) I, uh, I think I don't find what I'm looking for. I don't think its here. Yeah, I think the records only go back 50 years or so, and there are no other scrolls or books that describe anything about a curse.
(There is a cricket-chirping pause.)
The Rest of the Party: (clamoring all at once) Gee, thanks for totally screwing us, Shannon!

The following is taken from a three-shot of the Mountain Witch run by Nathan, aka hamsterprophecy. A write-up of the first game can be found here, and the second here. This quote is from the third session, for which a write-up may be forthcoming:

(The party has arrived in the hall of the Mountain Witch. foreign_devilry's character Nanami has been revealed to be a servant of the Witch. A strange evil twin of Alexis's character Hikaru also seems to be doing the Witch's bidding. The Witch himself has just instructed Nanami to go and kill Eric's character Sanjuro, in order to disrupt whatever magic he is preparing.)

Alexis: (narrating) The other me goes to help you.
foreign_devilry: (chuckling) Oh that makes it more awkward, 'cause I was kind of going to not do it.